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Clifford and Michael Lindgren always talked of starting a business together. In 2018 we founded Lindgren Craft Brewery with a passion for brewing great-tasting beers rooted in community, agriculture, and Adventure. 

At Lindgren Craft Brewery we are about putting the beer first. We are made up of explorers, scientists, and farmers who represent the hardworking men and women of our community. We work to pay attention and develop every detail that goes into the beers we put into your hands.

To us, “Adventurously Brewed” means using fresh ingredients to create high quality classics while pushing the envelope to brew unique combinations. 

Drinkers deserve to experience a connection with the beers they are drinking. To our drinkers we want “Adventurously Brewed” to represent the moments experienced while sharing a craft brew around a campfire with friends, telling family stories over a vintage barrel aged ale at a holiday dinner, or simply those little moments that are most meaningful to the ones in attendance. Thank you for joining us on our journey as we Live Life Adventurously Brewed.

Meet The Team

Cliff Lindgren at Lindgren Craft Brewery

Clifford Lindgren - Co-Founder & President

Clifford has his degree in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University and is an experienced entrepreneur starting businesses such as Lindgren Farm, Lindgren Car Care and was a founding member and board president of the Pennsylvania Independent Poultry Producers. A former Navy Pilot, Clifford commanded P3 Orions and instructed future pilots as a flight instructor. After departing from the Navy he worked at AMP Inc as Electrical Engineer, Engineering Supervisor, Product Manager, and Plant Manager.

Michael Slade Lindgren - Co-Founder, CEO & Director of Brewing Operations

While attending Penn State for a degree in Electrical Engineering, Michael dropped out his junior year to become a brewer at Appalachian Brewing Company. Working his way up from brewery intern to Brewpubs Head Brewer where he brewed and coordinated brewing operations at the four satellite breweries with the flagship brewery in Harrisburg. Michael returned to Penn State to finish his degree in Agribusiness Management concentrating in math and statistics and completed the World Brewing Academy’s Advanced Brewing Theory Program from The Siebel Institute of Technology.

Jason Simmons – Director of Brewing Research and Development

Jason has been involved in the Craft Brewing Industry since 2003, getting his start at Flying Fish Brewing Company working on the bottling line while cleaning and filling kegs. His journey led him to work as the Brewer of Bell Brewery in the Wachovia Center. Next Jason worked at Appalachian Brewing Company as an all around brewer, cellarman, and bottle line operator. Most recently Jason was the Head Brewer and Soda "Fizz"icist of Studio Brew in Bristol Virginia. Jason is a published beer author with multiple articles in Brew Your Own Magazine, Zymurgy, The Brewers Magazine, and Breweries In PA. Check out Jason's articles below!

Jason's Published Articles

Read some of Jason’s published articles using the links below. Please note: some of these magazines are subscription-based and may require a paid subscription to enjoy the full-length article. 

July -August 2021: Prosperity Through Clarity: A Guide To Beer Clarity And Brewing Brite Beer

November/December 2021: Thinking Of Going Pro?

About The Bank

Duncannon National Bank was organized in 1889, with the old site at the intersection of High and Cumberland Streets. Due to the bank’s growth in 1924, a new building was built at 5 North Market Street using Indiana limestone, making the building fireproof. Its long history included numerous renovations and mergers, finally resulting in PNC shuttering the branch in 2016. On January 8, 2020 it was sold to Mary-Jane and Clifford Lindgren to become the new home of Lindgren Craft Brewery. Want to learn more about how we’re revitalizing The Bank? Contact us to schedule a tour & beer tasting!

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