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Beer and community lovers of Duncannon, Perry County, and beyond – we need your help!

As you may have noticed, our targeted opening for August 2022 didn’t quite go as planned but we are moving right along and plan to be brewing at The Bank in the next month or so and doing pop-up events in the pub area through the holidays. When you choose to Back The Bank, you’re helping us continue to pour ourselves into breathing new life into this beautiful building through community, passion, and great beer. 

Think of Back The Bank like one of those Very Common Fundraising Websites, except without any additional fees or surcharges – every penny goes directly to meeting our opening goals. There are a few options to choose from, but if you don’t see a level that fits your needs, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do! 

Back The Bank Levels

Choose your Back The Bank level below: Click your level(s) of choice, hit add to cart, and check out to support Lindgren Brewery, Duncannon, and Perry County!
PS – Back the Bank makes for great holiday gifts, too! 

$25 – Lindgren Craft Brewery Koozie and Pint Glass 
– pickup at The Bank or $15 flat rate shipping available
– Products will become available Spring 2023

$50 – Lindgren Craft Brewery Back the Bank T-shirt, Koozie, and Pint Glass
– pickup at The Bank or $15 flat rate shipping available
– Products will become available Spring 2023

$150 – Annual Keyholder Membership (Mug Club)
– 10% off annually renewed mug club membership (discount does not apply if membership lapses)
– Personal Lindgren Craft Brewery mug at The Bank after Grand Opening
– Safety deposit box – number choices are first come first serve. Safety deposit boxes will be used for giveaways, special coupons, and communication!
– 15% off Lindgren Craft Brewery merchandise
– 10% off any Tasting Event ticket
– Annual Keyholder party for membership holder
– Free birthday beer and $10 gift card 
– Advanced release of select brews
– Annual Keyholder T-shirt – first year is a Back the Bank T-shirt!
– One free 10/16 ounce pour per month

$500 – Food Pairing and Tasting Experience (event will be held within 12 months of kitchen’s official grand opening)
– Tasting Experience for two (2)
– 4 course meal featuring beer and food pairing
– Our brewery and kitchen crews will guide you through the tasting on what each item is and why they pair well with each other

$1000 – Brew Your Own Beer
– Sit down with our brewery team to design your dream beer! 
– Name your dream beer
– Come out on brew day and brew your dream beer with us
– 1 sixtel and 3 cases OR 5 cases of your dream beer to enjoy at a special event and at home. 
– If you have a favorite bar or restaurant, we will work with them to get your brew on tap! (conditional upon reciprocal agreement of bar or restaurant)

$3000 (All three above levels) with LIFETIME Keyholder Membership

$5000 – Corporate Level (redeemable within 12 moths of kitchen’s official grand opening)
– Closing down The Bank for a private event for up to 50 people
– Beer and meal pairing

Our Vision for The Bank

– We love Duncannon! Our vision for The Bank is to not only be a destination for great beers but Lindgren Craft Sodas and a delicious food. We plan to open a full kitchen in 2023 that will serve 12-15 items with rotating specials.
– We plan to host special beer & food pairing events where we pair beers with meals and walk you through the culinary experience.
– Restoration of the building will include the giant glass windows on the Market Street side of the building, on the Doyle side, and on either side of the clock. Restoring the clock and saving as much of the marble flooring as possible.
– The 20’ vaulted ceiling will be restored and a new hvac system will open up the space even more!
– Once in The Bank, we will be the only brewery physically on the Appalachian Trail! In 2023 we plan to host our 2nd Hiker Trash Talk where we host hikers and listen to their tales from the trail.
– We will soon be launching our “Founders” mug club which will be called “Keyholders”. Every Keyholder will have a personal mug and a safety deposit box which will be able to be accessed for different coupons and communications. Plus, early access to beers or special events, merchandise discounts, a monthly beer, a yearly Keyholder Party and much more!
– When fully open, our brewery’s production capacity will be 2000 bbls annually and we will have 85-90 seats in our brewpub

About Us

– Lindgren Craft Brewery was started in 2018 by father-son duo, Clifford and Michael Lindgren, with the mission to brew world class, Adventurously Brewed beers in Duncannon, PA.
– By focusing on the science of brewing and the art of experience, we implement a continuous improvement program. In our minds, our biggest competitor is ourselves as we are always evaluating our beers to take them to the next level.
– Our Adventure started off in a converted milk house (roughly 16’ x 16’) at the Lindgren Family Farm right outside Duncannon on a 2 bbl brew system (1 bbl = 31 gallons).
– Today, while we are still brewing on the farm, we are brewing on a 3 bbl brewhouse.
– Once we move into The Bank, our 3 bbl brew system will become our “BrewX” system where we can experiment and perfect small batch beers while brewing larger batches on a new 15 bbl steam brew system that will help handle larger production for our brewpub and distribution.
– You can currently find Lindgren Craft Beer at 22 locations in Central PA with more to come once our new facility is open! Check out
– Mary-Jane Lindgren bought the Bank in January 2020 and our original intent was to open late 2020.

About The Bank

– After thirty-six years of business along High Street, the Duncannon National Bank built this building in 1924.
– In 1924 the Duncannon National Bank had $858,691.31 in Gross Assets. That is roughly $14,872,533.49 in 2022 adjusted for inflation.
– Perry County had three private banks, but the Duncannon National Bank was the first to receive a National Bank charter in the county.
– The building is built entirely of Indiana limestone, and was furnished throughout in Honduras Mahogany, with marble flooring (which we hope to save a portion of in the front) and wainscoting in the lobby.
– While planning the building, the real objective was the needs and comforts of the public. The builders highlighted it was built with “Rest rooms, fitted with every modern convenience, have been installed for men and women. Public telephone boons are located where they are of easy access.”
– The building is fireproof, and the great vault is protected by a Mosler door. There are 300 original safety deposit boxes in the vault.
– The clock above the entry way has a marble face and was built by E Howard & Co., which defunct in 1881.

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